Mid-March Update

We have been working hard trying to make the next fundraiser a huge success. Just like the dine and donate we want to make this larger, bigger, and better then anyone would expect. If not for the help of our board and volunteers none of this would be possible. Currently, the next and only event planned is April 21st, which is going to be a beef and beer concept, but not called beef and beer. Everything is set and in place to make this a great, fun filled night.

Some of our team are assisting other foundations with a little sweet equity for their fundraisers. We will be assisting with the Austin Muckenfuss Scholarship Fund, during their 2nd Annual Run Amuck Flag Football Tournament. This is something we feel like we need to do as Tyler would be the first to jump in and help with anything needed. We are excited to assist and help our friends Kim and Rich make this a huge success. If you are interested in playing or volunteering please check out their site.


Once we get passed the April fundraiser, Lori and Mark will be taking some time to themselves, since we are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary from Tyler leaving the stage in the middle of his song.

Thank You Everyone for your continued support!!! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Kindness and Kegs Event in April.

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