Update 7/6/18

It's been some time since the site was updated, we have been a little busy changing the world through kindness.  We had a wonderful opportunity to help a Mother and Father with a baby girl at CHOP.   With all of your continued love and support we were able to cover their hotel room and make two car payments to help reduce some added stress of have to be by their daughters side.  This is not a strange feeling to us as we lived through the difficult time they have been faced with.  We are happy to say the baby girl is doing well and continues to grow and recover everyday.  Its amazing to be able to help everyday people who otherwise may not be able to afford to be by their babies side.  The feeling of joy and compassion is what we think Tyler felt when doing all the good he was doing.  

This was the first year we were able to provide the Tyler Quinter Foundation Award to the Oaklyn School.  The teachers selected a 5th, 6th, and 7th Grade student who exemplified Tyler's traits during the school year.  We also had the privilege of attending the promotions to award the students.   The 8th and 9th Grade students needed to write an essay about what they thought it meant to #beliketyler.  We were a little surprised with only four to read, and due to the amazing work by the students and again all of your love and support we were able to award all of the students a monetary award.  we will continue to award a 5th Grade student at the end of the year, however the next scholarship will be awarded to the Graduating Class of 2022, this would be the year Tyler would be graduating High School.  This will also give us some time to raise funds and work with local hospitals to assist families.